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* UPDATE * Online scoreboard up & running. Thanks for Daily Feature!
Well, it's been over a year since my last submission. Here's the new one.
'Overrun' is a game combining Flash, Actionscript, Swift3D & audio.
Apologies for the filesize: it's the 3D objects & 9 clips from the Audio Portal.
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I have listened to what you've been saying in the reviews. Some of your suggestions are impractical, but I'm considering taking the base of this game and rebuilding it as MkII. Probably have more levels, more detailed backdrops, more enemy types, possibly 2- & 3- hit enemies, possibly weapon upgrades, fixed radar (I am aware of the radar glitches but there's not much I can do about them atm), and a choice of difficulties.
For those of you that 'HATE THIS GAME!' or think it 'BOOOOORRING!', well, just don't bother playing MkII (if I do get round to making it), because the playing style will be pretty much identical. For those of you that think this game doesn't deserve the score it has, go and divert your anger into making a better game yourself, to show me how it SHOULD be done. For those of you that love the game, THANK YOU! very much for your votes & reviews.
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I've put a hell of a lot of time & mental energy into this game, so PLEASE play a couple of levels before you vote on it. Thank you.
Controls: Use the arrow keys to rotate the turret and mouse move/left-click to target & fire.
The game has 2 modes, Fuel & Panic. Panic Mode is unlocked once you've completed Fuel Mode.
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Tip: View the help pages while the main game is loading
Tip: The further away an enemy is when shot, the more points/fuel you get
Tip: You can't shoot UFOs once their cannon is firing
Tip: Use 'P' to pause the game
Tip: There's no limit on ammo, so blast away
Tip: Use the Radar!
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WARNING: The game is quite CPU-intensive. I take no responsibility for any damage to your PC.
This is also the reason why it's impractical to have more than about 10 enemies on-screen at the same time. Check the CPU usage in your Task Manager, and you'll see what I mean.
If you find any bugs, please mention them in your review and I'll attempt to fix them.
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Note for fans of 7 Kisses: 7 More Kisses is in production, but has turned out to be a MASSIVE project, so I don't anticipate finishing it in the near future.
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who is i m hitting for?

pretty good

i liked he creativity and it was fast paced but no story line. you were just being attacked by meny things that looked like they had nothing in alike exept they wanted to kill you.

Cool Game!

Epic! Nice! You did a good job on the 3d effects! But there is one major flaw. You use the mouse and it's arrow key controlled. why isn't it WASD?! It's really painful for me to use the arrow keys and the mouse at the same time. That's why FPS games use WASD. Great game though.


wow... this is really hard... I managed to get to the final level, but got defeated on it. On the last level I was shooting my finger off, but some of the enemies were just too fast and the turret didn't turn fast enough.

nice but..

its an ok game
it was fun at first but after a while... not so much
like what ambah said
the levels are the same
really the only difference between the levels is enemy count and speed
add more variation like vitality and stuff like that
maybe make them move around intead of going straight and add some things to black the path and stuff like that and you have a great game

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2004
11:21 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person
  • Daily Feature October 23, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place October 27, 2004