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Frankenstein Spoof

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UPDATE- Ok, just so you know, from now on i will answer to ALL reviews that are somewhat constructive! weeee

OK, this is a VERY short spoof of "Dr
Frankensteins Monster", and yes, i know that the graphics totaly su.. umm, isn't very good!

Anyways, this was made on like, a couple of hours, so just watch and... enjoy if possible.

(leave constuctive reviews.. please?)



I think it was very good!
The graphic was very good...
Yeah you should realy keep up the good work and make more
movies....PS.Det e david he

Hombero responds:

Ahhh din jävel! nåväl... hoppas du tyckte den var bra på riktigt annars (massa "fula" ord) =P skojja


I have to say that that was... let's say, weird. I didn't really get why it was turned into a game because if it didn't, you could have made something better out of it.( I don't know what but something.) But it was pretty good, I will admit that.

Hombero responds:

well.. thanx i guess.. =P

wasnt that bad

dude, piece of advice dont say that your movie sucks unless you want people to blam it. just give a general review about it. drawing was actually pretty good compared to all the stick figure people, and it was pretty funny "not alive - very alive" nice.

Hombero responds:

heh, thanks, i pherhaps i shouldn't write it soucks.. i guess that would be like writing "WOOT BLAM MAH PIEEECE OF JUUUUNK", so thanks for the review =)

I thougt I thougt, the graphics aren't good, just like you said,
but they are good, and the animations too,
the music is kewll, shall I see more from this

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Hombero responds:

yuppers, you shall se more from this. I will make more animations in this "style" in a close future =)


Great!lol,this was really funny!Where can you get that game?I want it!haha,keep up the great work!


Hombero responds:

heeeey thanks =P and you can't have my name.. unless you bribe me with a bag of chips perhaps... and trust me, i will keep up =)

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2.50 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2004
2:26 PM EDT
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