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Pointe blance is based heavily on the game pointe blank (hence its name). This smalll BETA contains two of the final four games to be included. The next two games to be made will hopefully be a lot better than these. I just want peoples feedback on what its like so far. NOTE: THIS IS A BETA, SOME FEATURES DO NOT WORK
Thanks to the devils joker for additional art! Reviews appreciated


Fun and interesting game

You have a fun little game here that offers a little bit of everything but keeps one entertained, Some things were more interesting then others but overall its a decent game. Fun game here lots of little things here or there the graphics were not too bad either. Now here was one of those games that has some interesting and entertainment elements about it, making it more of a unique styleish kind of game.

I would only suggest making this less technical and just get right to the game, just an idea though.


pretty good

but too damn tedious

pretty cool

it was pretty cool, cant wait for the next one. if the next one isnt better, i'll kill you (just kidin', i'll just hurt you)

SomethingRandom responds:

Well, the people who have tested the new games so far seem to think its better, so could you put that gun away, please?....please?...PLEASE?!?! :P


Not that good...the controls were unresponsive and the cursor was hard to see!!! Otherwise, good

SomethingRandom responds:

Non responsive? Hate to break this to you but..the only control was clicking the left mouse button. As for the cursor, i couldnt of made it anymore obvious


The best thing in this game is the possibilities u have to change ur game preferences... like shooting moving things, so shoot moving things, like shooting at bombs, shoot at bombs... Very cool...

SomethingRandom responds:


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3.15 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2004
11:16 AM EDT
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