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Are you without friends? Then your in luck! I bring to you the friends network, wear thousands of kids are just waiting to be your friend! Here is subject #FN38H26, Quenting R. Dickmann.

Edit: BWAHAHAHA!!! 7th times a charm, it finally made it in. I knew it didnt deserve to be blammed. Now i can finnaly make a series. w00t
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That was pretty funny


if u are raly like that u r a loser!


I like your sense of humor, the only problem is that the graphics suck, it did not have any story & your character just stood there for a couple of minutes talking. If i were somebody else i would have find this boring, but lucky you you`re saving grace was your humor. Anyways, bob_newman`s advice to you is a doctrine to be treasured, keep it and learn from it. My final remarks for the viewers is that this movie is for the patient people.


i don't think this deserves to stay, i'm sorry. it wasn't really that funny, and there wasn't much animation happening there, just the one guy waving himself around a bit.


Ok, I COULD...see this as a series. But there's some things that need to be fixed before it'll brake the 2 point sound barrier...and by that I mean, that you'll get a higher score than 1.83.
Ok, right now, it's just a guy standing there for a good couple minutes talking. What he is saying is overused typical computer nerd jabber, which in my opinion has gotten way too old. It's like stale crackers that were left over night. Now I'm not saying that there's other people out there who STILL think it's funny to say stuff like haxxor and all that, but personally I don't.
Here's some things to keep a note of if you want your flash to be front page material;

1: It needs some kind of animation beyond the character's mouth, arms and sometimes body.
2: Secondly, try not to use those dried up phrases. It's not just my opinion, but think of it this way; Everyone does it. Therefore, it is no longer original. I'm not saying it's not funny, but it's not original anymore. Try finding something to set you apart from the rest. Try something new. A new kind of humor, style, who knows.
3: Also, you need to have a story. Instead of him just talking for the whole thing, how about he goes on a journey? Or some kind of epic adventure.

I'm not writing this to piss you off...I'm writing it because I can see potential in what you do. Everyone has potential, if they try.
Write a story first, then animate. Don't be like everyone else.

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2.55 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2004
1:20 AM EDT
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