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I FINALLY submitted something new to NG. Been so busy lately. Gah.

This was originally a request for a chess club site. He got a little more than he asked for.^^

[UPDATE] Changed the preloader to something a little smoother. Still not perfect, but it's not bad. Also, I made the King's crosses a little more visible.

Daily 4th place! OMGLIEKWHOAH!!1!one!!/


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I thought this was just going to be something that would show off a fast game of chess. I am so glad that it was more than that I really do appreciate how good the animation is. It makes me wish I knew more about chess. I have no idea how the point system works. The sounds are great too.

You didn't know what would happen next in this. It was just nice to see the action these guys had. They didn't even grow limbs! I'm so glad it was so creative. You showed great perspective too.

now when I play chess i'm going to

have them fighting stuck in my head instaed of the game plan

thanks alot =p

the pieces have weapons

the chess pieces have weapons

Great, and also unique!

first i would like to say that this submission is not only great, its a very unique piece of work
onwith the review

graphics:10/10 great graphics, very well drawn and i liked the backgrounds

style:10/10 again, this was a unique flash with a topic that most people wouldnt even dream of making a flash for
sound:10/10 sound matched mood of each scene. good work

violence:7/10 while there was violence, it was comical and this isnt along the lines of a really violent flash anyways

humor:3/10 gave me a small chuckle watching chess pieces beating the crap out of eachother

overall:10/10 what gives this one more point than a 9 is that u actually followed chess rules
notice how in the first pawn battle, the white pawn kille the black when they were actually diagnol to eachother
and the knights did move in an L shape, the queen had freedom of movement, and so on

i loved this flash, great work!

This movie deserves a 9000billion in everything!!!

Incredibly genius! You've really outdone yeself this time! And just for a chess club, too! It was especially funny where the pawn was running around with fire on its head. I wish I could raise the rating of this movie to 9 billion, but NewGrounds won't let me ;-(.

This movie is the king of all movies, and you should be making millions on television, or whatever. You are Piccasso's heir to de throne! Wahoo! This movie rocks!!! This movie is AUTOMATICALLY the king of all movies, no matter what. No matter what everyone else thinks. I personally am a chess fanatic, and this movie was de best.

Graphics were unbelievable! Great work, er... what was ye name? ... uhh... i forgot. Anyway, great work!!!

Dangit 4096 characters not enough!

The music goes well with the story, at every moment. At the end it's like... "Woah whos gonna win...??!?!?!?!?!"

It is fantastic! Too bad this isn't a series, though, because then I would watch every movie 50 times every day. This movie is cool!

WOW this is a long review for a medium-length movie, but I don't care! This movie rocks!

I personally use Adobe Flash Player, but i could never make my movies that good! Wow you gotta tell me yer secret!!!

Where did you get dat music? It's reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good! Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect!!! Wow

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3.89 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2004
12:57 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place October 20, 2004