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Transformers - Hero

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"Death of A Hero"

This is a quick stop motion animation we made. It is made with transformer action figures.

This was Shane's idea, and his first submission to Newgrounds.

Hope you like it!!!


Srry, but this is not cool...

Too bad transformation, not Realistic Optimus, & too short... U can take other, REALISTIC optimus & make it longer?

hahaha, haha, what the hell...

there is a mix of potential, lunacy, and creativity in all of us, too bad you got too much of ALL OF THAT! right at the front of the brain, too, where the personality is! that was awesome, that beats awesome that was AWEXOME! (pronounced au-zome) and I love it! the fact that there was so much effort, such fluidity in the stop motion, and such good use of background (your pants!) I hope you can make more and hopefully track down some Gen-1 toys for your next movie! GOOD JOB! hope to see more, everyone who reveiews bad is a mother fucking dirt bag who lives in the gutter! love the ending, boom... haha!

Gregg-Dix responds:

lol ok..:)


.....AWFULL!!.........i have nothing else to say.

Gregg-Dix responds:

Your movies are awful to.
Over all your movies i give you the score of 0/0. this could be an F cuz they all suk, considering there are none. or an A because I am glad you have none because they wouls suk ass anyway.

not bad, I guess

That was a cheap 'battle' though

Gregg-Dix responds:

mmkay mista hand


Could have made it longer, and have Optimus not die at the hands of Jetstorm. It was spiffy.

Replying to the guy who asked why you killed Opti:
Optimus did die in the original series, but came back to life. Just so you know.

Gregg-Dix responds:

alright...I used to watch transformers when i was little. you guys r a LITTLE to into this.

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Credits & Info

2.22 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2004
8:13 PM EDT
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