Rain of balls

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UPDATE: Music was removed due to file size.
NEW VERSION UPLOADED..Update took around 2 hours to compile.

Simple game, creation took under 2 hours. Feel free to post your high scores.. Good luck!


got old

Need more than a sound of the ball popping. I was up to level 6 and hadn't missed a ball or used the space bar. Needs to be a little mroe challanging.


A fun lil' game. It took me awhile to stop playing this game but after about five minutes it got kind of boring. Still, good job.

wow........can u say crap

this is one of those games that i just dont like to waste my time on. its sorta addicting but its really easy and boring nothing realy kool thats sets it apart from the others and sum times the ball dint even pop sooooo hate hate hate HATE! boo

good concept

Decent concept but the gameplay sucks....I hit every ball and not a single one counted....I thought it was because I was supposed to click on each ball but that didn't work either....maybe a goof up in the scripting somewhere....also the graphics weren't real impressive...the sound was good though....nice try..with a little work this could be a fun game but as it is right now I give it an overall of 2

Pretty good!

Great idea for a game,good gameplay and good music too.Its a great timewaster,allthough it does get boring after a while,keep up the good work!=)


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2.57 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2004
8:23 PM EDT
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