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Mashed Taters

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potatoes , taters

potatoes are my favorit

Stick em in a stew! I seem to have forgotten this meme. Well, rather I wasn't able to understand exactly how the song went. I'm just more used to the hobbits to Isengard meme. I like seeing the potatoes being mashed.

Er, I mean taters. It's been so long since the "Lord Of The Rings" movies came out. Those bring back great memories. It works well in its brevity. Maybe forgotten, but still great.

I love this music video every time I watch it - it's a total classic! :) It has such a catchy tune, and is a great mash-up! Can you please put the audio up? I want to play it on repeat!

Still as good as when i first watched it! Will always be a classic :) Love it 5/5