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he was great but ur sound board wuz not....he was a great entertainer soo i commend the thought but nxt time try to make it look less half assed
hope to see your future work improve :)

A few problems with the presentation

Rather than write out the entire quote on the screen, just add the first few words, write them out, and surround it with a box and make that the button. That way it's easier to click the button, but you have more space and it looks neater too. The picture was kind of annoying, because it was a bit diffilcult to read the text. Either make it fade a little or make it smaller and add a solid color background. I also didn't see a stop all sounds button, or am I blind? The qutoes were good though and very funny, so if the presentation were better, this would be an all around great sound board.

like this hasn't been said.

1. Hard to Read the text.
2. Hard to click the text. that's half the board, theother half is listening.
3. Good work.

good stuff

not a bad soundboard at all. it contained several very funny quotes, a pretty long skit, and overall the presentation of the SB was good. the picture in the bg was good, and the quality of the sounds throughout the sb was excellent. so nice work.

I get no respect...

Rodney Dangerfield was a great comedian. While this could never be an "official" tribute (that'll probably come out on DVD in a few months, with a price tag inflated by his heirs) this is good for a few minutes and reflects one man's admiration for another. Good job!

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Oct 11, 2004
9:03 PM EDT
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