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Internal Fires 7

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Author Comments

by csscblackbelt2000

Internal Fires 7 - Going through massive training after the alien attack and escape, Hero finds a new master to teach him the ways of a true Hero. Something was strange about this instructor. She was very familiar to Hero and is believed to have been seen by him in his constant daydreams. This could be it. Finally, his dreams are starting to make sense.

One night during training, the aliens attacked. They attacked in surprise and neither Hero nor Instructor were able to react fast enough to defend themselves. They attacked so fast that they had missed their target, Hero, and hit Instructor with the biological weapon, one that gives a slow and painful death.

Instructor, not being strong enough to handle the pain and knowing what the resutlst would be, Instructor asked for Hero to kill her.

"Please, kill me. I can't handle the pain!"
"You must!"
"I am confused. I'm not ready to leave you."
"I have taught you everythng I know. you will succeed in your revenge. Now you must kill me!"

Feeling some force from inside, Hero stabbed Instructor, saving her soul.

Now he must think of plans for attacking the aliens and finally doing away with the feds, who have been working together all this time.
NOTE- Give me my interactivity points!!
Me want interactivity points!!!

This has been brought to you by FIRE!

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i dont get it

y is it that some people get mad about crazes like the numa numa dance doing well, yet we rate these cartoons highly, none of them are any good..

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

All I can say is wow.

But that's not all I am going to say.

Can you see what you are writing here? You are the person who joins the winning side. Numna Numa Dance made fron page here on Newgrounds. Internal Fires didn't. Right away, you claim Numa Numna dance to be such a craze.

Another thing, what do you think would happen if this had made front page? People would hate it. It is natural in humans to dislike those that are in higher position than they are. But your kind, is different. You enjoy being inferior and underneath the superiority.

Oh Jackie Chan!

So, if you enjoy watching fatty bon-bons dance around while you get semi-lobons, go right ahead, just don't go telling other people. It's not really a positive on your side.

Is it me or

Do these get more bizare as they go on? Ok at the end of this one the genie's head pop in from the same 4 spots over and over again. I call that loop, flash calls it looping. The fire could have had aa little more animation. Since this takes place in bar once teh alchol he pours on the burning bartender catchs on fire cause more alchol to catch on fire?

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Of course they get bizzare as they progress. How else would they get better?


A loop? Very clever. Yes, it is a loop. Not just any loop though. It's a special loop. Not just any special loop though. It's a spectacular loop. Not just any spectacular loop though, etc, etc, and what not.

Actually, the fire begins when the woman bar tender gets her hair on the light blulb, starting the fire in her hair. Then, alcohol was applies to this flame, causing an explosion.
Internal Fires 11 is out!!


this is so fucking awesome...and im not just saying that...this is a work of ART!! I STILL DOT KNOW HOW U MADE IT LOOP!!!

hey thanx for the reveiw on DEtective Abob.....i know it was not good at all becuz the sound...but i uploaded the wrong file!!!

cant wait for IF 8!!!:)


csscblackbelt2000 responds:

thank you, thank you, thank you!

The loops inside of Internal Fires are very unique. That is a factor that makes Internal Fires what it is.

DEtective Abob was really good. Lot more effort in that than my last seven Internal Fires.

But, I have worked on Internal Fires 8 for quite a while now, and have really put some effort and time into it. I hope everyone enjoys it.

You are never on the AIM screen name you put on your profile.


This is the best International Fires Yet. I can't wait for your next one!!!! Keep up the good work. I'm not going to write you a poem sorry but i will give you all my 5 on this!!!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

I think I should start making a pole to see which ones people like more. But then again, it may constatntly be inaccurate becuase I am constantly making more Internal Fires.

No problem whatsoever. What kind of person writes poems to reviews anyways? The only way you will find me making them is in school, when the teahcer makes you.

Thank you. I accept your 5 ;)

Internal Fires 8, if time permits, shall be Halloween version. I can't even wait!

PS I have seen your animation, and you have great potential to becoming a great animator.

Ode to csscblackbelt2000

Oh csscblackbelt2000
It realy seems you are
Deluding yourself entirly
When you think that you're a star.

I watched your Mr Edwards
Expecting Flashy heaven
It was sh1t, It must be said
But still I gave a seven.

This boy is plainly rather young
but still he seems quite willing,
he'll lose all faith if we blam this crap,
I'll toss him a voted shilling.

I thought I'll boost his ego
it's my good deed of the day.
But you replied and blammed me Homo.
Dispite that I'm not gay.

And so you reply to every review
With your thumb jamed up your ass
Do you think that it's clever
Your glory's unsurpassed!

But to be frank your a tit
So I though't I'd take some time.
To tell others to daily blam your sh1t
In a joyful English rhyme.


You are wasting your time making this crap.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Very nice poem.

It gives me Internal Fires.

Credits & Info

2.74 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2004
10:21 PM EDT