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The first frames might be the same but there's new stuff added.


Some of the frame-by-frame was decent, while others was just showing you drawing something and then coloring it. Sometimes it felt like meaningless filler like the eye and run loops. By the way the run cycle was poorly done, I'd suggest looking up a run cycle tutorial.

Lip-syncing to a song has and always will be endlessly unoriginal, though luckily that only took 25% of the entire music video. Also the movement is inconsistent, sometimes it's very nicely done while other times it's really jagged.

Though I must say, at least you went to an effort to make your random doodles synchronize to the song well.

It's fine for your first flash, though it just needs some polishing and work.

Good for the first time

Its pretty good to be your first flash, but here's a tip. Try to ilustrate wat the song says, not just have people sing the video. Trust me, it'll seem a lot better.

preloader was kewl

that was your first flash?
that was really good, i think u should make more^.^

quite good

quite good there. VERY GOOD for your first :P

Better than the first

You finished the song which is an upgrade, but the animation quality goes up and down through the work, so I had to knock you there.

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2.41 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2004
5:03 PM EDT
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