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The Enemy Within (old)

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too bad... no award... aw.. maybe next time.
Loads of people are complaining that they hate this because its a sprite movie. If you dont like sprite movies then just dont watch ok?
Note: I got permission to go over the 5mb, so dont say im violating the rules.
Note: You need a very fast comp to run it, even in low quality.

Hi guys. Sorry i kept you waiting so long. But after over 2 months and almost 200 hours of animating. Its finaly done. the enemy withing.

I really did everything to make this my greatest movie ever. So i really hope you guys like it as much as i do.
Well. Really hope you like it.
Running time: 6 minutes

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This was a good cartoon, but I admit that it had flaws. The closeups were pretty dumb. It's hard to do that with sprites. It seems like Mario flashes here haven't gone to hand drawn stuff either. I didn't understand where this thing came from. It was still nice.

I thought it was awesome to see how you used perspective in this. I wasn't sure where Mario was going in the beginning! The music was great too. I guess most of these were inspired by "Rise Of The Mushroom Kingdom". They're still good in their own right.

Nice spritting.

But I honestly know you just made this movie for the point of showing off,not for anyone's enjoyment.Next time make a flash where you don't just show off your skills,make a flash for your fan's enjoyment.But these are your skills,and there damn cool,so keep it up!


that was brill.it was sad,cool but i want to know is if your gonna make a second one of it its awsome


Nice. Sad, a bit. Or maby not. Any wayz, awesome animation, bit anoying camera though. And, no matter how many times i watch it, i cant under stand 2 things. 1 why the black guy wants to kill Luigi in the first place and second, how does mario kill luigi (possesed by black dude) at the end? I just see him touch his back and --! He's dead. Strange really. And also the legs and arms, your the only person ive seen do that with them. Makes it look a bit smoother. Maby you should watch Rise of the Mushroom kingdom on Video Game DC, and get some tips from there. Nice work anyways. Really cool so plz make a part 2.It would be cool.


1: Hes the evilness inside mario you know... he makes everybody he goes into evil... well kinda.

2: He smashed through his belly so he dies

And ive seen rise of the mushroom kingdom, its good. But i tried to do a more cinematic style with this.


not only was the animation good, the sound perfect, and the graphics and style where over perfect, but you could kill the birdies!