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Street skateboarding

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OK, first of all wait while the game is loading (I forgot to do a preloader).
UP: jump
arrow keys: move
Space: land (press before you land, or else you will crash).
Enter: Grind
Shift: flip tricks
Ctrl: grab tricks

Have fun!


At first, I thought there were no directions. There were some, but it didn't make the game more enjoyable. It was at least nice to see something different. Of course, the screen was way too small. There's not enough for a full game. There should have been sound!

It was just far too bland. You need to have a lot more going on. I know little about skateboarding. I don't care much about doing tricks. At least this game is harmless.

This game sucks..
Nuff said. I'll give it half a star just cuz u tried

It's a 100%


"Seriously Dude"..

Well I'm not being horrid or anything but this game wasn't like the games I've played.I mean it really was BORING!!!
The screen was too small and was really shaken up,when I saw the skateboarder I thought it was loading the menu,and then I realised there wasn't a menu.So I had a Little try but but never liked it..


i don't mean to say that you should really stop making games and such.....but, dude that game REALLY sucked. I mean like really!!!
the screen was so small and it was hard to put the directions into action.
try harder next time -.-

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1.87 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2001
9:19 AM EDT
Skill - Other