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Emmit Nervend

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Emmit Nervend is your god. This, you know. What you don't know is that he can also enlarge your penis for the low, low price of $89.99 per session. At 16 sessions a month, that less than $17,279 a year!

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Emmit Rocks, I mean , look, it's a fact!

beutiful colors, beutiful Emmit

how much times do you bone a day Dingle?

...need more...Genocide?

...that movie needs...more...Violence...I think...more Sodomy...more...more...EXTRA GENOCIDE :D....

P.S: Faudrait leur faire lire "l'Esprit du Grand GĂ©nocideur".....il en prendrait de la graine...n'est ce pas KOMMANDER?


Nice flash to put some music on, whaaaaa, all my friends are falling down wiiiiii jeah freakout waaaaaaaaaa

Right then.

I click the button "Review this movie!" after watching what was most certainly -not- a movie. I should have really looked for a "Review this shit!" button.
I'd have given you less for a score, but 0 is the lowest.