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StrawberryCock's revenge?

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Author Comments

I am so extremly serious about this. If you want the portal to fall apart when you view movies saying "Vote 5 and i'll make this" and then pressing 5, it will happen. In fact, the debris is already falling.

Now I am updating my comment to say a few words. "Britney Spear's Fucks" made the top 5 portal with the 3.3/5 rating, and when I saw this, I have to tell you, if she makes the top 20 of the week I will be pissed. What's more, The Top 50. Many viewers of this movie have expressed their feelings about strawberry_clock, and people like her, and one said something like this: "When I first signed up with Newgrounds a couple of years ago the atmosphere was different. People weren't submitting crap like this. There existed a thing called EFFORT!! Hard to believe I know... So screw what everyone else says DudeZilla. I really admire you for trying to keep Newgrounds clean of this pathetic bullshit." Yes, that was a true review by Malificent. Thanks for the comment dude. (Open up the review window and read the reviews please! IF YOU WANT TO!) Now, I would like to close with some final words. I believe Malificent's statement is probably something we should all relize! The portal's o-zone layer is starting to be unable to support human life! Some people will put efforts into their movies, like one of mine called "Artanic", That took months, and it got removed with a 0.74/5 rating. Why? Cause came into that movie and started to say "I love titanic, you're an asswipe." And didn't you guys like Titanic Parodys? And here it is. June 2nd, 2001, and I see that strawberry_clock made "Britney Spear's Fucks" with a better rating than every movie I have, AND IT IS ONE FUCKING SENTENCE, AND IT PROBABLY TOOK 1 MINUTE TO MADE! MANY PEOPLE THINK IM JEALOUS. THAT'S ACTUALLY TRUE. IM JEALOUS BECAUSE... EVERYONE HATES HER. THEN SHE GETS A GOOD RATING, AND EVERYBODY HARDLY MAYBE KNOWS ME... PROBABLY ONLY IN THE BBS THEY KNOW ME ALOT, AND I CAN SAY THERE IS FEW THAT HATE ME IN THE PORTAL, AND IF I SUBMIT SOMETHING LIKE THAT THEY WILL INCLUDE THE REVIEW SCORE IN THE /5 SOCRE, AND SHE WILL GET A FULL HOUSE DECK OF CARDS WHEN EVERYONE, ALMOST EVERYONE GAVE HER A 0 ON HER REVIEW, YET, AT THE SAME TIME, I FEEL THE SAME PEOPLE PRESSED 5 BECAUSE THEY LOVE SEEING THE GLAMORUS TITS AND ASSFUCKING, WHICH CAN I MENTION, PORNO IS NOT COOL! AND STRAWBERRY_CLOCK JUST MADE THE BEST MOVIE EVER! AND NO, IT'S NOT ENTERTAINING! IT WAS ONE SENTENCE!!!

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Dude why do you hate the clocks so much!?

You are the lowest of the low. 1.you make fun of clocks. 2.you dissapointed a lot of us with bowser's annialation. just stop it man I am so tired of the Anti Clocks. Why do you hate the Cockcrew! Why!

Amen Brother

I didn't quite like the quality and such of your movie. But what you were saying was so very true. I'm not anti-clock but I agree with the ppl who say when words on a white background that makes the top 5 just because of porn the world is extremely screwed up.

You NEED To Stop NOW.

I have allready reported you on sevral occasions. LEAVE THE CLOCKS ALONE. Have you noticed that when ever the Clocks come out with an awesome flash, the Anti-Clocks alwase make fun of it? Why? Simple. Their flash skills are horrable and they feel the need to rate anyone's flash that may be above them a 0. You know what? I'll finish this up with a review that i constantly give to Anti-Clock haters.

Trust me, no one wants to see Anti-Anything flashes. Its just a arrogent attempt to show how BAD YOUR FLASH IS, SO YOU MUST MAKE NEW FLASH TO OFFEND THE PERSON!"
Please reply.

If you're an anti-clock, find a better group to hang in. Take succesfull flash maker's advise and make your own flash without STEALING plot from other Flash people.
If you reply to this, DudeZilla, I will post yet another "review" to counter it.

-Mimiru ^ ^"

Nice work

That was very weird... and awkward... and all that other stuff, but it was a great movie. and u gotta let things go. If ur wondering what i mean, read islandkid007's review

u got issues

wat the fuck is wrong with you... you praticly ripping yer ballz off because some gal got a higher ratign then you. like wtf who gives a shit about some flash, yer not being paid... and if it got blammed then it sucked! so shut yer face bitch! and stop yer bitching, maybe yer not good enough but use ppl sucesses as an excuses about yer failure! shame on you.. its people like you that ruin the protal! but good movie :D

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2001
9:01 PM EDT