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Majestics Quickies L2

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Author Comments

Have you ever wondered what a dog might do in the desert??? Wonder no more here is a quickie by my cuz Majestic
Very short. But Funny Animation

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what the hell??

man, i really dont get what the point of that was. i mean, true... dogs dont belong in deserts, but that doesnt mean you have to do some poor animation, that doesnt make sense just for the hell of it. there was really no point to this.

DPI-DeAdMaN responds:

LOL thats the point there is none it was made to prove a point to some of the obsessed fans of mine SEE BELOW....

... I am lost.

.... this quicky was anything but majestic. I did not like the fact there was a lack of plot. But your art is very nice. Please try and contribute that to something worth watching so you can up your "grade".


Me and my boyfriend thought it was horrible....LOL...Tell your wife hello for me...if she hasn't killed herself already.

DPI-DeAdMaN responds:

Once again mad cause your pathetic shit gets blammed and Mine doesnt......
Once again cumqwat you aint nothing but a sore looser made because I blammed your shit that wasn't even flash no you have some sort of an obsession with me by wanting to blam all of my stuff LOL thats so pathetic maybe if youd stop playing with dolls and can openers you could actually get yourself a life.......

What's with all the gay negativity?

I didn't actually watch this because i couldn't be arsed. I did however read mosesII's review. What the fuck are you talking about you dumb fuck? I bet you're actually gay. If not, i hear the Neo-Nazis are recruiting. Or you could just shut the fuck up about the gay populous. Hmm? Arsehole.

Pathetic flash from a pathetic pile of shit

Dog is suitably retarded like the animator at least. I tell you what, next time you make a flash try taking your fingers out of your asshole for 5 seconds and then you might not have such SHITTY flash. Do us all a favor, format your gay computer, turn off your gay internet, and instead of visiting newgrounds in the future go fuck your boyfriend in the ass some more and pretend that his jizz all over your face is some sort of flash animation, at least itll be more entertaining than this shit.

DPI-DeAdMaN responds:

LOL wow I never seen anybody with so much anger. You should seek help because one your obsession with my ass and jizzing on someones face has alot of people scared including me. Like my dear friend Oz up above he took got some of his shit blammed with help from me and like him you are also upset and now have some sick obsession/fantasy/fetish with me and making complete assholes of yourself
You and Oz need to get together because you too seriously have some fucked up issues

Credits & Info

2.36 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2004
8:05 AM EDT