Meet Hermatag

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This is my first all cartoon movie my last movie was of heads and bodies and strange stuff and it all went wrong and was blamed within 10 minutes :(

Hope you like this one better. (only my second flash movie ever)

This is just to give you a small taster of hermatag and the next one will be all him and more talking!!!!

P.S Eatting too much makes you fat look it up you fat heffers you!

Also sorry for this being so big (me also a 56ker and not happy about waiting half an hour for something to finaly come up!!)





he didnt seem all that hellish

i fact he look a lot like your mom j/k but it was a rip off of salad fingers and damn those things were annoyin stupid gnomes

Dark-Blood responds:

Huge rip off but was an idea that i just could not pass up lol.
Thanks for taking the time to view it!


quite the random movie, but it was sure a good effort for a first movie, so i give you credit for that.

I don't understand

You bored me with the intro, how many drugs are you on? That made little to NO sense!

Dark-Blood responds:

Thanks that was nice, drugs... Not enough i think...

I hate salad fingers

so i hate this rip off also!

Dark-Blood responds:

Wow man take a valum and have a lie down... ^if only life was that easy^ i would take a few valums and have a long lie down.

lol mainly coz of salad fingers

im gna have to give it this coz my salad fingers bro is here:D... and feta cheese and gnomes pmsl lmfao !!! gd work

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Dark-Blood responds:

Thanks man! a gets crapy towards the end (not hugely happy with it myself)

As you took the time yo write a review for me then i will respond only fare?

You got any ideas for a other flash thing for me to do? (need to do some better ones for college... they think my work is too "freaky"? anyway THANKS!


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2.29 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2004
3:24 PM EDT
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