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Galactic Debate 2004

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Author Comments

Senator Kerry and President Bush go head-to-head in an all out debate for the galaxy. You won't believe what they say! Check out the bonus animation at the end!

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I admit this wasn't the best satire, but I still enjoyed it. You really are a prolific cartoonist. There's your avatar again. I'm pretty sure these are real sound bites. I guess I'm just that big a "Star Wars" fan. If only it was like this today.

You know, with Donald Trump being elected and all. This is more rational. At least the 2004 election didn't have problems with the electoral vote. The sentence mixing is very good. It's a nice little topical cartoon.


I loved this in 2004 and I love this now.


To Author: Interesting concept, thought it could go in another direction though.

TO Quadrunner: Kinda obvious you are a bush supporter. A pun is a play on words. This is a parody. C'mon dude, use a dictionary.


Decent job splicing the quotes. The only thing that annoyed me was you portrayed them as people tend to think of them. From what I saw, kerry did not switch decisions once during the debates, and yeah, bush pretty much argued like how you put. I'm being serious.


It was kinda funny, but not that great.