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Console allstars 2(Ep 5)

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Fans of Cas is asking WhereTF I been well it's a long story and I can't get into detail about it right now.

By the way Zero is not dead in this movie It's a fade out for the episode
Anyways in a way to say sry instead of just 1 uploaded tonight you get a double feature.
I am releasing Episodes 5 and 6 Give me time for #6 I have to upload.

Email your comments at Fanaticknuckles@Yahoo.co

BTW to Every idiot that is going to look for mistakes. I am well aware of my Text bubble, So Shut up about that.
There are no previews in this and Episode 6 I will make a trailer(WOW SHOCKING) for Episode 7. Anyways to all the haters that will try to diss me in their reviews.............

Take your keyboard and shove it.
And that's the bottom line.


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This sprite thing seems to get out of hand.

These people who hate sprite movies still watch it. They should watch something else if they don't like it. The text seems to go faster. I couldn't even finish reading it. Some of it goes slow too. The action seems to improve better though.

Zero.......a girl..............hah!

There is no way Zero is a girl, I have played nearly every Megaman game ever made and in every game that has Zero in it the voice acting always comes from a GUY.......seriously, why else would he like Iris (from Megaman X4) or Ciel (from the Megaman Zero series).

Oh....BTW, nice job on this installment, I cant wait to see what happens next..........

Listeng here folks:

DOES ANYONE KNOW IN HERE THIS: ZERO IS GIRL!!!!!! Damm... Why in everywhere allones think that Zero is boy?!!? She is Girl!!!! (Or Woman who cares...) Anyway... Great Movie!

Bwahahaha. :B

Heheh, OK, the beginning (Hater restriction) had me cracked up. XP
Nice battle with Knux and Neo Link in the beginning there.
How did Zero know that Wart was already dead and that Sigma joined in (when he spoke to Vile and Neo Link)?
w00t, Eggman in that large robot rocked. Heh.

Um... .waitasec. Eheh... I know I said Zero should die before, but... uhm, not before he has a chance to revive Sonic, dammit. XD
Ahwell, nice job, on to the next episode. =P

Zero noooooooo!

Zero can't die! X you tratour.... And bastard! Zero can't die he just can't! Zero is one of my other favorite video game charecter! I don't want Zero to die! (Wow this whole thing is basically me not wanting Zero to die.) Well good flash.

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2004
9:11 PM EDT