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well i gave up animation some time ago, but i was bored and had nothing to do over the summer so here it is, it sucks kinda but what the hell, but it would be nice if it doesnt get blammed thou

update-wow for a short it got a decent review, i might come with shorts-2 but i dont know when i will be done

PS i will try to fix the title difference next time

lol, fixed the title, but i havent used flash in forever, i might come back to this during the summmer, im way to busy right now...



omg, tht wuz so funny, lemme giv u an overview.

Sound:no problems for the few sounds there

Style:i hav 2 say, its pretty nice. ahh friggit. it pwned! if it wuz longer, it wud've been better

graphics:mehh... its a stick movie. there's not much graphics (or detailed graphics, anyway) involved, so i hav to giv u a 4.

Violence:Way to blow that n00bs brains out, man!

Interactivity:Its a movie, wat can i say?

Humor:it wuz really funny, but like i said in style, it shud've been longer to be funnier.

Overall:It wuz pretty good, 7 out of 10. Make ur werk longer next time, and keep up the violent humor! :)

LMFAO DUDE!!!!!!!!

I can't stop laughing at this pointless movie. This thing ROCKS!!!!!!

RainingBullets responds:

yea, i laughed my ass off at the joke when i first heard it too.

that was funny as hell

don't quit flash. I hope you have some more good jokes that 37 laguage thing was funny too! 3/5

Pretty Good

That was a pretty solid flash. I dont think that you shoudl give up flash because I think as long as you have some solid jokes like that one even if they are stick flashes they still are pretty good.

Graphics: Pretty nice graphics. I didn't like the whole gradient background but hey what you gonna do. The whole thing ran really smooth and the grenade launcher was awesome.

Sound: Nice sound I liked the sound bits you did a good job with them. Some cool voice acting would have made this better.

OVerall: Pretty Good 8

RainingBullets responds:

actually, i would've liked some voice actors, but unfortuanetly, after losing all my internet connections, i ran out of options. would you like to be a voice actor for my next movie? (if there ever going to be another movie haha)

great stuff.

well, i certainly learned a lesson from watching this little movie! haha. well, i personally dont think that you should have given up flash, because this was pretty good.
graphics werent A grade, but the animation was good, and the sound effects were nice...
also, the aniamtion was superb.
overall score: 7/10

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2.06 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2004
9:39 PM EDT
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