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Project X teaser

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A teaser of a project about megaman....Its not based on the real storylines of the game...Just a story a friend of mine made up. I dont really know when the full version will come...cause Im working on Link vs Darklink 2 right now. Enjoy!

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Cool, but doesn't make sense.

1. Dr. Light didn't find some dead guy and give him armor.
2. X's color scheme is wrong in this flash.
3.What the heck happened on the planet! Dr. Light could be dead!


1. Remember, in the Megaman X series, Dr. Light is DEAD. He dies sometime after Megaman and Bass(GBA) and Megaman X(SNES).
2. Don't forget. Megaman is a robot, not an android.

I know im forgetting somthing, I'll remember what it is after I submit my review, like with all your other movies.

omin don!

don hij superlauw geworde:P


hm..........graphic......its okay....and i saw some 3d-ish parts in the movie...it was cool....the music...its okay but i think that such a cool movie like this would give me a heart-stomping beats....perghhh......anyway the storyline is cool,too

ZyneXx responds:

Thanx! ^_^

Great Opening and new twist

I really like how it is a good opening to a possible saga of a storyline here you got the viewer jumping into a middle of a huge epic battle. Now of course there is the typical creation of megaman but I hope with future episodes of this you show how the war began and also who the boy was that became megaman. Alot of questions left open there which makes me want to see another episode of this soon.

ZyneXx responds:

Glad you liked it...thanx!

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3.64 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2004
11:48 AM EDT