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An Awkward Moment

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this is my first flash movie. i hope it at least works for you

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Pirates are the root of all that is chocolatey

very nice.. now make them longer and more detailed

Funny And Random

Really Random But Really Funny. Nice Job


that zombie bit his arm off and laughed. that was very random and weird but i liked it. animated really well too. very entertaining and that's all that matters to me.

Im in a good mood.

First of all man, NEva Eva say you are a newb or its ur first flash- many people will automatically go for the 0, or will think less of u. I liked the flash: pretty funny. Now..if ur planning to make this particular flash a little better, i suggest you make the pause last longer...have a fly go by...maybe have the zombie do a little cough...have them look around for a little while...and then their eyes meet...they look back at his arm..then their eyes meet again...aaand then they start to snicker and try to hold back the laugh( they fail)...at the end they fall off back laughing...(Heh, or for a little twist, the kid bites the zombies arm off)...Then, jus add a replay button and u got urself a deacent flash;)