3-D Macarena Soldier

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To some of my reviewers: Yes, it's simplistic. Yes, the song is annoying; that's part of the humor. It's a TEST animation that happened to have some comedic value, and its original intent was just to see how well I could make the model move, so don't read too much into it. I'm not aiming for Front Page status with this one.

This was a 3-D animation I did at work to test a character rig. The soldier model will be used in another, much larger project, but I used this to test his movement. My rationale was, "If I can get this soldier to dance the Macarena, I figure I can get him to do whatever I need him to do in the final project."

The test animation was so amusing to me that I decided to synchronize it with the music, and this is the result.

The program I used was 3ds max, in case you're wondering. I know this is stupid and pointless, but that just means it should fit in just fine here. =P



The animation and the 3D was spectacular, it must have taken a lot of effort and talent to pull that off. The soldier's shadow was a plus too, as it matched the person perfectly. All in all, great test animation, at that rate I can't wait for a full 3D submission.

lol ^o^

The song was slowed down....kinda creepy. But that test worked graeat! Shake dat bootay sexay soldier maaaan! >o<

Soldiers doing the Macarena......Not a bad idea :)

Probably one of the better things i've veiwed today, a very nice job with the animation, the movements were smooth and not blocky, very well done.

that brings back 1st grade memorys.


Not Bad

This wasn't all that bad... Infact the 3-D was pretty cool and all. Not to many folk go for that angle. I think you should try and craft 3-d environments and incorperate a plot or two...Good show...

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3.42 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2004
3:39 PM EDT
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