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Peg Puzz - NEW!

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Author Comments

I added some sound like all you users suggested. Thank you for the helpful comments. I was unable to do much else because my script is limited.


Still doesn't work

^^Good Points^^
You added music, like I suggested and like many other users suggested.

^^Needs Improving^^
The music quality however, makes it sound very compressed. Also, you should add more than one song, since that type of music is never satisfactory to all people. The game still isn't working properly for me. Either the game isn't coded right, which it doesn't sound like, or the area you have to move the blocks into is very small. Other than that, the same comments go on this one as the last one.

shit ball

this is probably one of the worst pieces of crap that i've ever seen


At first I really hated this gane... Then I figured out a couple litlle things, such as moving diagonally (it looks like some of those jumps are too far...) and now I only kinda hate it. An easily forgotten game.


OK well that was a different game, didnt really know what to do atfirst hehe just different i say...



PLEASE EVERYONE STOP MAKING CRAP LIKE THIS FOR ME TO STUMBLE UPON. its not a bad as some things but the game is dumb and u just ripped it off someone eltse. it messes up somtimes too so get this off NG

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2.01 / 5.00

May 30, 2001
11:23 PM EDT
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