Ultimate VG Battle 4

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There are five things I would like to stress.
1-You'll need to watch all three of the ones before this one for it to make sense.
2-I know Samus is a girl...but in my movies she is a guy.
3-There are two credits, opening and ending, so don't x out on the first credits.
4-There is bonus feature at the end(all the battles so far)
5-This one is the most important! The part where they all meet up in the main hallway. It is just showing that they all get there. They don't all show up there five times...it's repeating how they got there as each person comes...if you've seen(razorics) Final Fantasy III-the third one-how it has where they all meet up...that's what that is. Hope you understood that.
Matt of Rebellious Studios



not a bad series
bad use of sprites though
how about this: all five heros are about to die when.... MARIO crashes through the ceiling and defeats the whole army alone? marios the true hero here. im disappointed that he wasnt included in the series. oh well

ok ok

make part 5 soon i wanna know what happens next peace

This would have been good...

Graphics: You made poor use of the sprites. It might have been good if properly used.
Style: I hold no grudge against the fact that you made a lot of mistake (like capitain falcon flying) and I might close my eyes on the fact that it was extremely obvious that link was going to be the hero since this is the character most loves but seriously, you would have a good story but can't exploit it. This is nothing new but it might become interesting if you try to do better.
Sound: Well... I guess there's not a lot to say about it.
Violence: This is not extremely violent...
Interactivity: A button...
Humor: Nothing really funny.
Overall: My point of view is well mentioned in style. You can do better if you were to do something about those sprites and that story. And by the way, sorry to sound harsh but it just keep on coming back to the same things again and again. Please, do something about that.


Cool but I want to see number 5.


Nice flash. I would like to point out to M-A-R-C-U-S that he DID say that you were seeing it from everyone's point of view in his comments. Anyway, I can't wait for the 5th one.

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3.54 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2004
1:15 AM EDT
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