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Author Comments

Group B of the Phantasmagoria collab.

Delusions is a collection of all the submissions that thought they could cut it, but sadly just weren't good enough. *Tisk, tisk* Anyways, even though this is the worse of the two groups, that doesn't mean its terrible. It's still pretty interesting(hey, gotta love the breakdancing cat)... just, keep your hopes low. m'k? ;)

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it was pretty good

pretty good but not the best, it still needs improvments.

SeizureDog responds:

This was the crap section anyways :P

More collaborationy fun fun.

Not quite as good as Phantasmagoria, but still fun. The music, overall, was up to snuff... but the visuals/"plots"/whatever else weren't quite as nice as in Phantasmagoria. That said, Lord_Sonx rocks my world from both this comp and Phant.

Here's my faves from this one:

Hypocritism feat. Cypher_ (niiiice music)
TheHappySheep feat... ack! too late to notice the music author (nice gun animation, but toooo short!)
J_Smooth feat. TheComent (good music, fun animation, nice pairing)
Lord_Sonx feat. BlueRocket (a cat breakdancing to some funky beats and synths?! Damn straight).

SeizureDog responds:

Of course it's not as good. It's suppose to contain the "bad" submissions :P

And yes, Lord_Sonx's cat is rockin'. I knew it all along :D

I saved these for last

Since I really had to concentrate on these collaberations the most I saved them for last. I must say there are an interesting collection of works. Each movie goes very well with the music. The animation in all of them are really good even in the black and white ones. You seem to like to loop your movies. You allready know how much I like that.

SeizureDog responds:

Why yes I do. I happen to know that nobody loves looping more than this here ramagi. Yep.

oh my god so random!

Haha well S_D & co I have to agree on heebz with this one, I really love this type of flash where you just put whatever's in your head (a strange and scary thing hehe) onto your work, theis type's normally the best! :)
Nice enough graphics it didn't really matter most were in MS Paint because the text was so funny and the music so random and different at most times, It was also nice to see you didn't use too many photographs or photograph cut-outs and even when you did you put text spinning onto it or something insane.
Presented perfectly, and pulled off perfectly. Purely hilarious, well done :)

You have just been reviewed by

SeizureDog responds:

Like the uber randomness of it eh? ;)

haha, MS Paint? Nah my good lady, tis all done in Flash :P

And the majority of that photograph cut out stuff you're talking about is 666Pryo666 :P He be a good friend.

Haha, if you think this is perfect stuff you need to see the Phantasmagorias :P They are the better halves.

Anyways, glad you liked! :D

that was great

i love this kinda flash. it seems you pour it straight out without thinking thats awesome

SeizureDog responds:

Haha. Thanks :P I took quite a bit of thinking though.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2004
11:59 PM EDT