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1984- Average Morning

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Author Comments

Just a note- the character in this movie is NOT winston smith, but rather another person living at the same time in Oceania.
I did this as a project for school.
Its the Average morning in the life of a Party member. If you've read the book I think you'll like this, BUT IF YOU HAVENT, it may not make much sence so I'll define a few key terms for you:

1. Mainly comprises of the US and Britain is just known as 'air strip one' in the continent of Oceania (Suprisingly accurate, since Britain was just used as an unsinkable aircraft carrier by America in the cold war)--- THANK YOU SINEAL.
2.Physical Jerks- Morning excercizes.
3. Ministry of Plenty- Government office dealling in economic affairs
4.Eurasia and Eastasia- Countries Oceania has been at war with
5. Two minutes of hate- everyday the people are gathered into a room to watch propaganda films.
6. Telescreen- an all-in-one flatscreen tv / surveilence camera
7. Big Brother- The dictator of the party, who is always watching his citizens.

The book is basically about a society heavily monitored by a totalitarian dictator.

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I think the animation is good, but the film itself is too optimistic and doesn't fit in with 1984


i love the feel of surility, and how the characters shown by the big bro screen are all so happy :P
good work on the feel and graphics, they looked polished
hope you got a good grade


packow responds:

Thanx for the support. I got a 95% on the Project and now im probably gonna get an A for the sememster. Thanx for reading My review of your revolutionary war movie man.

1984... for the zillionth time.

Like I said to the latest Matrix compilation (make a Dark City flash, damnit!)...... please, people... less 1984... MORE THX-1138, MORE LOGAN'S RUN, MORE BRAVE NEW WORLD, and more every other sci-fi depressing-future story instead of the ol' flag-bearing stalwart of the genre... People get tired of seeing the highest example of a genre emulated over and over and over again, when there are plenty of other good and underrated stories to work with.

That said, 1984 isn't THAT overdone on NG, at least... however, this particular flash doesn't really do it justice. I mean... the whole telescreen thing and everything is fine, but hate time was woefully inadequate and the REPEATING CLIP OF MUSIC almost drove me mad. Why on earth didn't you either vary the music a bit or pick something less insane? If it's part of your depiction of the world of Big Brother, then fine... but come on.

An average morning in the life of a party member ain't so bad if he doesn't have to listen to the music from this flash over and over and over again. If he does, OTOH, it's hell.


it was a good film, but it didn't really follow the story '1984' at all. the only thing close to '1984' was big brother, otherwise it was a fairly random movie.

A total bastardisation of a classic

Nineteen Eighty Four is possibly one of my favourite books. Im afraid to say you obviously understand very few of the concepts and themes discussed in this book. I didn't get a sense of the population being oppressed as is the case in the book. I didn't witness the aversion to human nature that the Party Life epitomises. The Two Minutes hate was perhaps the worst part. The point isn't that the Eurasian army want to 'kill you and your family'(especially as the family unit has been debased and nearly destroyed in Oceania) it is that they threaten to destroy the Party and the principles of Ingsoc. I think it's a shame that you totally misunderstood what Orwell was trying to portray in 1984!

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2004
5:55 PM EDT