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Stinky's Office Hi-Jinx

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Stinky heads down to work, but gets all distracted and stuff.

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6/10: not too shabby

The look and feel of it was definetly unique. Loved the comic book style of it the best.
Voicework was exceptionally good.
Music did get annoying in some parts and seemed out of place.
Humor was uncreative and bland.
Very interesting to say the least.
Also bizarre, not as great as office space though! :P
Not bad at all!


Wow, that was...umm, interesting. I like what you did with the graphics and such, it looks nice.


nifty movie. i hope you make more.

Good Show!!

That was interesting. Loved the art.....I thought some of the funnies were very well done....and the idealism of your character is great too....gooood JORB!!!!

Nice work man i enjoyed this....

Very funny and i like the style of art you use...