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Internal Fires 3

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Author Comments

by csscblackbelt2000
I didn't think I would have to be doing this (explaining my movie), but here I am. I am very surprised to see many people on Newgrounds today, especially most of whom reviewed my movie(s) are ver unintelligible.

My Internal Fires episodes are not full movies. Thay are teasers/previews to the movie I am currently working on slightly modified in order to be capable of standing on itsown on Newgrounds. So everyone saying "try harder next time" or "make an ending," understand that these are not moves or episodes but again, previews.

Internal Fires 3 - The epic journey turns into a trilogy! Will there be more to come....? You will have to find out.

We just left off our hero in the middle of an island surrounded by strange cavemen in what seemed to at first be a deserted island.

It seems that these are the last race of men left on the planet whose name so dear to us, Earth. After learning their ways and partying all night.....always fun... he continue to battle the feds, who have now multiplied and have reached the vast number of thousands and millions.

They are about to fight.....or will they somehow get together and be firends....?

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i found one!

haha.. i was looking for another submission of yours to review so i can talk to you! haha. well.. still no myspace. been pretty busy with school and all.. exams suck! *thumbs down* lol. i dont remmeber if u said u had msn or not? well if u do lemme knwo and ill give u my email. or.. vice versa. and we can talk there.. cuz that woul dbe better than me looking for more submissions. anyways i should say that this one was neat to, your style is unique.. makes me laugh how its sloppyish tho. i did watch it before i reviewed =P but ill talk to u again sooon byebye

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

yeah, I haven't had much time to make any animations. I am actually starting up a real small one now. Hopefully it will be finished soon, because it is not so long. Actually, none of mine are except a couple exceptions. But it will not be part of the IF series.
yeah, school does suck.
yes, i actually do have msn. my email is.......
Yes, that would be so much easier than back and forth animation review and responses. Hahaha, i'll take the unique stly pare but funny...maybe, haha.
Alright, just im me whenever, and i'll talk to ya soon.


Your statement
My Internal Fires episodes are not full movies. Thay are teasers/previews to the movie I am currently working on slightly modified in order to be.
There was no need to submit so many to this site. If that is the case. All you had to do is keep working on it till you were done.
I seen a lot of trailers none have been as big as your have been. You need a better proloader. Your loads too slow. I loaded other flashes bigger than yours faster. Instread of submitting minor improvements every time you do something wait till you have a lot of improvments.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Thay are teasers/previews to the movie I am currently working on slightly modified in order to...be capable of standing alone.
If I had not made my series of IF's (which I am still continueing) many fans here on Newgrounds would be missing a lot from their lives, including me!
I need a faster loader? It loads too slow? You've seen bigger files load faster? I am sorry to inform you that there is no way to make something load faster by changing the preloader, unless you allow for the user to right click and play whenever he or she felt like it. If this is what you are referring to, I left this option out when making my loader.
On the other hand, as soon as the biggest file in the movie is loaded, the play button does show up allowing you to play the movie before it is completely loaded. Loaders do not load movies faster or slower, they just show the progress of loading done by your computer.

getting better

but shit more looping shit and now its gay shit...
lol literally

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Well, I'm sure you'd know it when you saw it.

Damn those eyebrows!

Lol, his head turned into the person in the window in #2

csscblackbelt2000 responds:


Good to hear people are actually seeing some of the little things I have added and done to make people actually interested in these more interested.

Jedi_Coconut? wtf!

Ok first off Jedi_Coconut (A.K.A. Man with no balls) STFU! First of all you wrote the same stupid ass review on two different animation's, now seriously what type of idiot does that? YOU do of course. Then you say how much of a waste of your time it is to watch these movies.. Why bother watching them then? Did you ever get that concept through your head, maybe you really did like the movies and was just jelous my good friend csscblackbelt's awesome animations got on newgrounds and yours didn't because it looks like to me you have ZERO animations. Get a life you little punk, grow the fuck up and stop giving people bad reviews because your jelous of there awesome work. UNSINCERELY YOURS, Duen (A.K.A. Tightest fool ever)
P.S.: WTF kind of name is Jedi_Coconut seriously? lol! Man that's a stupid ass name.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:


Hey Jedi_Coconut:

If I still haven't made you cry home to your mommy yet, you should see what this guy has to say.

He has some....all good points.

Credits & Info

2.07 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2004
12:15 AM EDT