Cletus the Fetus ep 43

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I really like the drink sparks. like alot. maybe even more then alot I'd say I love it.

Anyway that's what this episode is about so hopfully you'll like it and maybe even go drink sparks after u watch it or go to cletusthefetus.com and watch all 59 episodes on the site.


Energy drinks all around!

When the kids start arguing the pros and cons of energy drinks, the humor is abound. This was a really quick-paced addition to the series of Cletus the Fetus. I liked it and. Congrats on making 5th place of the day, this probably deserved it. Having Cletus float at the end was pretty funny and the highlight of the short for me.



ive never heard of sparks, but i am an enthusiast of the energy drinks (amp = yum)... yo this series is soooo solid, how have i been sleepin on it? crazy shit man... this series, it's good. and it's not bad either.. kinda unbad if you will. or wont. 8/10

Not bad!

This one here is worthy of the award.
Your other award winners I didnt think were too great, but this one was funny enough to get the thumbs up from me! Very funny stuff. Nice graphics and sound as usual... Nothing wrong here dude. keep it up.


If tom doesnt put this on the front page i will shit my pants, like i did when i watched it from laughing so hard!! Great fucking movie!

A William Hung Moment

The part in the beginning theme where the words scroll under the fetus was pretty neat. Unfortunately, the rest of it sucked a big fat hairy dick. The music at the end was like a train wreck. It sucked so bad I couldn't make it stop. The music could have less headache-inducing with more work... but just like the work of Idol star William Hung... it was so bad that I just had to show my friends... which was the only reason I didn't BLAM the hell out of this film. Thank you.

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3.31 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2004
12:13 AM EDT
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  • Daily 5th Place September 22, 2004