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AYB vs Final Fantasy 1

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I made this because I don't particularly like how wide-spread the whole AYB phenomenon expanded. This isn't a jab at the 1st movie. I liked that one when I first saw it. I don't like that everyone and their dog tried to make an AYB related thing, most of which didn't turn out too funny. I'm kind of hypocritical that way. Oh yeah, the guy who appears in the clouds is my Asheron's Call character.
This is my first movie that I've uploaded to Newgrounds. Be gentle. Or don't. I really don't care. By the way, I made this in early April and put it on my site. I just now got around to posting it here.
Visit my site for more of my stuff.

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Those were the days

I love this cartoon! It's mostly because I got more of an introduction to the meme here. Well, this is no longer popular. Final Fantasy characters aren't that big either. Nowadays, this would probably be pokemon killing the cast of "My Little Pony". It's great to see that "Foxtrot" comic.

The sprite work was really nice in this cartoon. Everything was spliced together well. The fanboy's cry when he died was really funny. It was weird how you didn't use the music at first. It did eventually appear, though.

Better than all the other flashes and parodies out there, that's for sure.

Nice One!

Good thinking!*GASP* I just had the greatest idea ever! MAKE SEQUELS TO THIS VIDEO! DO EET! DO EET!I SAID DO IT DAMNIT!LIT 1!

e-vile...pure e-vile...EVIL I TELL YOU EVIL!!!!!!!

god this is mocked even on apps on myspace......my god the e-vileness is spreading and will one day rule the earth!!!!!!!!!!...NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!! *twitches uncontrollably....then dies a horrible, painful death*