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L1F3 Shorts ep.2

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L1F3 Shorts ep.2


"I wish I was Cher!!!!"

This series got better as it went along. I still like this one, just not the best. But good still.


Its good to see you trying to mix up the scene alittle, although i did enjoy the first two characters more, you were mainly using the drunk character in this, the other character was really only there for the end joke. Overall i was quite interested in how much this diferred from your first installment, keeping the same basic character design does give you your own personal style too, nice.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

You wish you were Cher

Regular I'll have to say you a certain random style but it works I like it all so far.
Naga nooch


In the follow up episode to the premiere of the series, one established character goes into a (not so) deep and dark alley and encounters a bum. How will he carry himself and what crazy happenings could happen? As much as I like the idea of a crazy 'ole bum talking about nothingness, it was a bit hard to make out what he was saying. Perhaphs there could be some improvements and it would honestly make a big difference. The artwork was not all that bad, although the movements do need some improvements including hand movements and such. The character designs were fine, with a "new" design for a character we shall call "Safety Man." Good luck,


That was just odd...

as in other L1F3 shorts, i liked the ending quite well....
The bum was creepy, but if i was a homeless man, that would be me! Mwah ha!

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2.70 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2004
6:32 PM EDT
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