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The music and animation in this video were something I dreamt along time ago.

I've started a Myspace page. With it I plan to keep people posted on my recent progress. You can also listen to Walk-Smash-Walk or some of my NEW music. Just click the 'site' link in the upper left part of this page.

I realize the very beginning is pretty repetitive but trust me it gets better, so please watch the whole thing before judging it.

Thank you to everone out there who helped get both Dad's Home and Walk Smash Walk up to the TOP10. I'm working on some new projects, so stay tuned!

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still one of my favorite flashes on the site. So simple yet so mesmerizing.

Genuine art. I keep admiring this the same way I go to galleries and admire paintings and sculpture and ceramics; the same way I keep reading my favorite poems and novels. Wonderful.

to me, it's amazing that an animation from 2004 has something that makes it so incredibly good to still be cool these days.

You know, I watched this years ago when it first came out and for some reason ended up back here today. Can't believe I never left it a review, but between the animation and original soundtrack, it certainly stands the test of time. Such a cool piece.

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