Celestial Zephyr

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"I gaze up at the stars that look down at me.."


Simple, thoughtful , and stylish equals awesome.

this is awesome work the animation may be simple but how it's all combined it shows that a person has artistic ability also proficency as a director. I was hoping the girl would turn to face the camera and smile or something before a fade to black. good use of the tribal font. Keep on rocking dude. This would have been awesome with the right voice actress. The line about what matters is not the goal but the Journey to it reminds me of a paragraph from Eldest no. 2 in the Inheritance saga.

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Truly, a masterpiece

Although I found this after playing your games, (which are incredibly well done) I was surprised that you did something so deep and different from your other work. Even though it does not have a lot of action as alot of people pointed out, the way that you combined the music with the stars as the background and the person there watching them gives the flash a greater effect than just reading the whole thing. The message was well witten and it seems to me that it is the best flash in this site because of the meaning you transpired in such a way that it makes you reflect on how you approach life each day through the action that you take.

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Simply wow. This work was very deep and emotional. It really made me reflect a little about my own philosophy. You are quite a talented writer and I truly mean that.

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A supurb bit of thinking

I really know the feeling. I think very much the same way, believe it or not. We, as humans, suround ourselves with questions and end up looking for the answers because that is all we can do. The world around, the base troubles we tend to get so caught up in, they're nothing. Life's only true value comes from the looking and thinking, the questing for answers that may not even be there. It feels like we never truly get to know anything, least of all ourselves. That's this thing we call life. All that makes it worthwhile is the being and the thoughts.

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arayh responds:

Some people get stressed over very trivial things and interpersonal conflicts form over misunderstandings. We can all do with standing back for a moment and looking around us before we let the non-existent problems consume us.
Thanks for reviewing.

not bad... but a lil boring

man... i like how the animation goes... and was looking forward to more stuff till i see... more words instead.. the story is real good.. i even read it till the end... but i personally think u shud add in more flavour as in different animation style and such to make it more interesting.. the music is cool.. but it kinda over does things too.. i do like how the stars are too.. i think its awesome.. well.. maybe its a submission which was done long ago.. but hope u dont take it too personally... cheers

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3.73 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2004
9:56 AM EDT
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