Getaway (flash demo)

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-----> read this first! <-----
This is a racing game we've made 4 days ago. it has 2 levels, one is racing untill reach the heli, the second is shooting the heli down.

this is a demo the real game is coming soon. please give us some comment! so we can improve it! THANKS :)
(you might be in credit) ;)

arrow key - move
control key - reload
mouse click - shoot
space - horn useless

Thanks for reading


too hard

make it abit easier. i think its a great idea though.


Awseome game nice all the system. personaly i like ur works and i still waiting for MOHAA Games for month :) and i wanted to talk whit u u have aim or something im really good making games i want to work whit u :) if u want

U speak spanish?

Wonderer responds:

Long time no talk, yes I do have aim and I have msn as well, and I do speak crap spanish. :D thanks for the review :D

No mi gusta

I found it difficult to control the car at times for it to move left and right.. when the car was very smashed up then it would respond better... plus.. I dunno.. I like these types of games usually but this one just didn't appeal to me.

Wonderer responds:

No tu guste? bueno..... lol anyway i know

not bad

nice demo for this game, i hope to see a full version of this game on here soon. it was pretty fun, but sometimes the car would have a hard time steering, i'd press the arrow keys and it would take a couple seconds for it to kick in and other times it would steer without problem, so you might want to have a look at that. also, add some music too. there's lots of good stuff in the audio portal.

Wonderer responds:

yes you are right, some how i just can't figure it out why? :S


Is all the same... no good man... good try though

Wonderer responds:

er.... i guess you are not a flash maker.

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2.53 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2004
5:31 PM EDT
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