Crapple Switch

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First, I don't really have anything against Apple, nor do I work for (or even own) an Alienware computer. This cartoon was based on a conversation I had with a buddy of mine, so I threw it together this weekend. Its more of a lipsynch study than anything.
I hope you like it.


He exploded in a very rad manner!

It was funny. Fuck the technical nonsense, a man in a black dress exploded into meat chunklets. Awesomeness at maximum. Seriously.


i like the games jokoe cause i run OS X only but its soo true about the game... but to response to the last viewer... the apple proceesor only has to run 7 clock cycles a minute to do a task when a windows processor needs 21!!! do the math retard... 1.5 gigs in mac= 3 gigahertz in windows... i hate people... and yes i made the switch and im more then happy... but for the reviewer... read a little you fuck


i like this movie. it's very funny. yes, Apple has some problems (mainly that it costs big $$$ for their stuff)

...macs are still better than PCs tho...

if only alienware came with Mac OS X. that'd be a machine!

Alienware rocks anyway

at first i was just laughing, but when i saw that alien with the gun i started to cry lol i thought this was excellent actually, plus, alienware is awsome i have the aurora alx and im using it right now duh! lol

i dont get the ending

but it was still funny

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3.49 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2004
11:37 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody