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The Portal 1

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*UPDATED 5/26/05 07:04 PM*

I was recently working very hard on the portal 3 and even a bit on the portal 4 when my computer all of a sudden stopped working, as if it were attacked by a virus.

i lost all the information. this series is most likley dead. Im losing the will to keep restarting this crap.
Now with a slightley altered better ending.

I plan to change the gun to desert eagles as people keep urging me to.

The jump scene in the movie now has a special effected backround LOW QUALITY SUGGESTED!


This is a movie of a parody of all animations on newgrounds.

A flash animation is submitted into the portal. Animations dont know this, they are trapped within a website in which they cannot feel nor edit.

Morpheus is strawberry clock, and trinity is a stick.

1 of the agents and all of the police or lietenants ( depending on the number of movies they blammed ) are madness combatters.

Without further delay, enjoy. I plan to make this a series.


Jesse Cruz(me): animating

Milto kyriako(brother): giving me an idea of how to design the truck.

Thank you newgrounds! Enjoy! I respond to all!

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that was really cool! Now can you just tell me what the name of that song was?!?!
anyway... 10/10

StealthBeast responds:

Late ass response but:

It's 'Leave You Far Behind' by Lunatic Calm.


I think I'm going into anacleptic
shock from that flashing part, lol
good job
-got all my 5

StealthBeast responds:

Good luck w/ that seizure XD


Pay phones usualy sound different.


StealthBeast responds:

Sue me

-Stealth Beast-


this is cool why dont u have more reviews? maybe ur css thing might jack up your reviews a bit... good job

StealthBeast responds:

actually I only got verrry few reviews on my older animation as result of my css animation. thanks for the review!


very cute!! i loved the whole hair effect on trinity, that was cool!!!
make another one!!

StealthBeast responds:

alrdy did. im working on the third. thnx 4 the 10