Reviews for "The Portal 1"

kinda neat

sure, the matrix, teh intarweb (and hence, newgrounds) go together like peas and carrots.

good character choices, i think you did a top notch job on the sound (great choice for the music loop, and nice job on the clock voice), it was a sharp looking and well directed peice... until you obviously ran out of patience with this slice of the story and did... i dunno what. man, wtf happened after the diving off the rooftop scene?? when did you decide that that horrible awful stairway deserves to even be in this animation?? what happened with the phone scene (it stalls there for a few seconds, there's no tension, it looks like the movie is broken)??

dialogue, well, needs work. you go and make an explicit references to the portal at the beginning ("all your SWFs are dead"), and then just start taking snippets from the matrix script (which was an awful script... so not a good idea to directly copy from in the first place). spelling stuff correctly, well, *shrug* it would be more representative if you were comedically liberal with your usages or something, but having the clock with the only voice is kinda weird (get some friends to do some voice acting for you or something, who wouldn't want to be a cartoon movie star??).

the rooftop scene was just really really good. i'm very disappointed to see that you rushed the last 3 scenes so bad, knowing that even if you'd just taken (as you did for the skyline of the rooftop scene) a picture and used it as a backdrop instead of a bunch of brown lines for a stairway, or a totally grey backdrop for a payphone and a truck, or worst a blankly white background with a bannana and a chair... well, it would have improved things significantly.

i really hope you don't sell the next chapter short. pretty good stuff.

StealthBeast responds:

I didn't rush the last scenes, in fact those are the scenes i worked the hardest in.

I lack a skill required in animating. Drawing. I had no clue how to draw that stairway, i just... drew lol

It was ok

I didn't like the music for this and I hate clock voices, but the clip looked good.

StealthBeast responds:

Ya i struggled w/ the music rofl.

I hated the clock voice also but what can I do? it's their voice.


The animation and sound were good, but your selection of graphics for the weapons was pretty limited (agents use Desert Eagles, man), and your spelling is horrible. WHAT'S SO FUCKING HARD ABOUT USING THEIR/THERE/THEY'RE and YOUR/YOU'RE CORRECTLY? It's so obvious!


Aside from that, not a bad job.

StealthBeast responds:

Im just a kid man, lol. I didn't particularly pay attention to the guns. i just drew something that looks like a gun and presto

Let matrix alone.

Animation is ok, but work more in the background. Ah, one more thing .....dont u think its enough of matrix stuff?

StealthBeast responds:

Ya its just I have such an original idea I couldn't possibley hold it in =P

Good Job

Hey i thought it was great, forget what ever ne1 else says, all u need is some voices and it would be perfect, nice music too.

StealthBeast responds:

Voice acting WILL come in the future.

You see, when you free your mind from the portal youll gain betetr animation. Neo will start out choppy, hairless, and with Bucket hit.wav attacks, soon he'll devolope smoothness, hair, sound effects, and when he full free's his mind, he'll be "the one" stick that has a voice, he'll be wakcing people in the burly brawl with a lvl 30 blam wand also lol.