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Author Comments

Well, after submitting my first 'throw away' peice, I have already got alot of replies. Well, this is awsome. I made this for my company. EliptexTV is the first and only "TV Station" of it's kind for the internet. It airs a talkshow called "The High Guys". It's total flash. We were gonna use this in the pre-credit, but it wasn't that good. Had it laying around for along time. Thought I'd submit it, I've got a bunch of other things I will submit later on though. It's 5am, so I'm off tonight. In the morning though, look forward to a few other 'throw aways' of my work. (Meaning, I'll only post stuff I'm not using for my company web-site)

For anybody who is interested in inproving it, I'll be happy to release the source code/moive of all my work here.

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It was simply okay

I don't know why this has such a low rating. I mean, the animation could've been a lot better (although it was by no means horrible) and it may have used a punchline (not that it was supposed to). It was a little cool to see the cassettes go around and attack people. At least you wanted to get an important message across to us all. I find it very interesting that you were able to work on this station with nothing but flash cartoons. It has the potential to be good, you just need some better animation.

has a good message, but....

its not funny


Hmm yes i found Some of it Funny but its a bit short if it had more jokes and was longer im sure it would of done better.

True so true

Man so many people download illegal videos and music on the internet. Many people are losing their jobs and reptation.
I dont think that video stores sell illegal videos bt they might.
Not only are there illegal copies going around but on Kazaa there are so many movies and songs that are bad or not real there is no point.
Still you mad a good point and raised awareness but you could have mad the sound and the graphics better. Awsome movie and hope the pirates get arested.
Nice movie btw!

yes man...

piracy is a big problem in our society which i know because i'm mexican and mexico is after japan the second country with more piracy in the world, here there is a market called "tpito" in which you can find just about EVERYTHING but in illegal copies, from dvds,books,tapes,cellphones to clothing electronics and even TOYS man, i once went there, (because you have to be really breave to enter that horrible market, cause they steal your fucking socks without taking your shoes off and you don't even notice, they are like some kinda pros) and i saw every kind of illegal crap at almoast FREE prices, for example, just to give you an idea, i saw a perfectly operating Flash MX program,which a friend of mine has that only cost 150 pesos (about 16 dollars!!!!) and i think this is bad, because buying illegal copies of stuff just destroy dreams of people that work hard on doing for example a music album and they just don't get all the money they could get because some fucking morons bought their cd,coppied and selled it getting all the money to themselves.
Awesome flash by the way, and next time you see an illegal copy of ANYTHING, think that buying it will affect every person in the develop of the thing you are going to buy.Gr8 movie by the way.

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2004
5:23 AM EDT