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the chav

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The chav expresses his happy opinions on the wonderful journey that is life.


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Well, it's a chav.

Just as they come. Stupid, irritating, ugly, ignorant, killable, BORING.
1.Watch out for the elbows and knees.
2.Make the sound about 150% loud of what it is now.

Its so TRUE and funny

I'm from scotland as well and this flash is so true on what their like. hahahaha! There really annyoing sometimes but to think that they think they run every thing is so hilarious! Good job. I hope you make more.

God, Chavs are annoying!

lol, this pretty much somes up chavs for us!

God they're all the same, council flat rejects!

Good work, mate!


another scottish reviewer here except we call them neds which is sorta the right word (because they call them that in glasgow) they talk like high pitched freaks

agree with the previous user

go to bawbag(dot)com if u dinnae ken what a "chav" or a ned is

1 more thing a little rhyme from shortlees(kilmarnock,near glasgow)

SYT,SYT with a bottle and a brick and a hockey stick we will show you what to do!

i gotta say this is exactly fukin true!!!

chavs chavs chavs were wtf do they cum from? i dunno but this movie was really cool nd i live in scotland nd chavs talk like they r aged about 99 years old man!! lol

oh i will pure chib ye an that!!!

if there is any chav reading this! 1 hint!! be a goth its a better life or a sk8r wateva cos chav is the wrong way to go!!!! believe me!!!

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2.76 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2004
5:40 AM EDT