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The story: I agreed to be in a contest. The rules were: 24 FPS, only using shades of gray (except for the wording) and to be between 30 and 60 seconds long. This is 40 seconds long, and features a few stick deaths, along with random line things. Enjoy the umm.. movie.




alittle boring, but well made, fun flick :D i like it. nice + work = th3 trooth. and oh, the duck hunt thngy.. NG is beeing an ass here so im gonna leve the review in this! OMFG! 2 IN 1! ISH LIEK KRISTMAS! yeah, it was nice but wierd. found the pooping alittle disturbing.. like..water..only poo.. omfg.. but.. pretty obvious realy. KILL ALL DUCKS! man o man..but hey, i dont thnk ducks take airshits to much .. more like.. other...birds...ah well :()

Satoshiji responds:

NG is always an ass.


Nice FPS! My fave part would be the beginning where you kinda go thru a rectangle with different shades of gray..also i see some awesome pictures between the random lines! Especially the 3-d 'X', it looks tight. However alot of it is just messin around with the art..drawing and erasin =(


whenever you really animated it, it was awsome. But a lot of it was just random line stuff that I've seen done time and time before already. So, it was half and half.

And what exactly was this contest anyways?

Satoshiji responds:

Well, thanks enough for that. I am not a serious animator and really just do it for the fun. If you guys like it, great! If you don't, that's cool too. The contest was a blow off, the other person didn't even make a cartoon. I feel cheated. XD


the got the skills, now go forth and make something with a point!

Satoshiji responds:

I guess I might..

just ok

You can tell you have talent, but you gotta ask yourself is it entertaining... and most of it wasn't. Who want's to see lines move around? but the stick people was ok.

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2.87 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2004
8:27 PM EDT
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