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Mortikie the mime

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Author Comments

okay everyone lets get something straight. this is the third mime ive done, yes made after sf but i have had this character doing the same stuff for three years! compare retarded animal babies to happy tree friends or the simpsons to family guy


Bad version of Salad fingers...with out salad

I am sorry to say this, but this video was a wasteful effort, cause you just ripped off everything about the first salad fingers video. The Mime talked the same as fingers, the art was pretty much done the same, the music had the same effect, even the characters resembled each other. And it was mainly obvious when that guy cam out of the little door and rambled on screaming nonsense, that is the way the other characters in Salad fingers spoke. Yeah...so lamish-but an un-original poor effort.


whats with the pie and thats so so werid and i wasted my time watching that bullshit! overall rating 0

hello saladfingers

izbviwtbvi<bevvvvvvvvvvvi<bsczitwib freaky iezrtsiontvo wierd ooooooesioabvnb and aistiovno creepy cool uza basicly oawoi ayeio saladfingers isstiosn spoof ecuz<avuziiuv.

This did come after Salad Fingers.

You said in the Author's comments that this was made way before SF was even a "nutstain in David Firths underdrawers." This flashes origin is 09/08/2004, and Salad fingers was made way back, somewhere around 3 and a half months ago, thats my estimate. Anyway, apart from all the Salad Fingers stolen parts, ( like when the "mime" asked for pie, and the midget screamed )it was good. Sorry, but I couldnt give you a good score, but like the other guy said, if this was made before Salad Fingers...


this is not a question of originality. I'm guessing you're a Salad Fingers fan? Okay, I'm not going to tell you what you already know. Yes, this looks/sounds/seems a lot like Firth's work, but it's not an imitation. perhaps you can expand a bit upon this character and some plots? The sounds are reminiscent of SF, but that doesn't make you an imitator. Don't listen to everyone who automatically compares. If they hadn't already watched SF, they might call Firth an imitator. Just keep that in mind. Keep your chin up, your work is creepy and awesome.


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Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2004
4:29 AM EDT
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