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Goamy's Back w/ Foamy

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Author Comments

goamy is back! this time for good and join A.F.U.K.C the anti-foamy goamy board. Theres a link at the end of the movie. This time goamy's back for good.

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Foamy rules!

i agree with thunder, it clearly says not 2 watch foamy unless u can take a joke, and dude, you make your own cartoon series, killing is easy, comody is hard

i dont get y u hate him

go watch one of the new godam foamy cartoons he has pointed this out and this probably goes to all of his cartoons it cleary around the end it says"for MATURE meaning folks who can TAKE A JOKE" and no one is really forcing u to watch foamy okay so stop wit all this controversey and build a brigde and get over it and for all u ppl who think o yeh hes racist or stupid if he was racist the thought of another race would make him sick and y would he waste his time trying to do it i fhe was, sure foamy he may not like our society but don't makin gfun of him because he does, some ppl probably hate foamy when he rants they're probably one those kinds of ppl and they've probably done it before and it's hard to look at the past adn i kno he brings it up in a mean way but that's society to him and he's trying to stress that out ,so really i don't get it I hope u guys understand this so u can stop wasting u r time.
the only godamn he doesn't have is because squirrels have buck teeth so when he talks it wouldn't look right if he had teeth and a mouth

of course...

yet anoher one of your anti-foamy movies. i'll will never get it why you do not like foamy. he is really hilarious. and its like blam master episodes 2 and 3. blam/kil mario or foamy. all goamy is is just a stupid copy of foamy just to make fun of him. that's what goamy is all about. making a world laughingstock of foamy and trying to conivnce people that foamy sucks. that all that goamy is about and what he's there for. end of story.

Goamy sucks!

Foamy kicks ass, if you don't like Foamy, WTF do you know?!
Foamy owns j00!

I've nothing to say, except...

Learn to fucking draw!!!

BTW, Foamy owns you, so shut up.