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My 8th Newgrounds release is about the local milkman. I think this should be shown on TV to advertize milk.

Dave www.fat-pie.com

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I watched this video when i was 8 years old.
Bottom text

what the fuck david

At first i thought this was kind of nasty, "milk from the milkman's wife tits", bah.
But the milkman's wife got murderd, which kind of even things out, so in the end I think i'll give this 4 stars for consistancy.

this was the first david firth cartoon to make me genuinely question if he was alright in the head
the song kinda a bop tho

I made a very bad decision to watch this as a kid. Got traumatized by the imagery to a point where I'm reluctant to watch the video even now as an adult. Suffice it to say, it does the job right