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(O_o) The movie

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The sequel is called "(o-0) The Pub"... and is under "Other submissions by Boojamon" in a yellow box below.

There are backgrounds and better graphics... but for it to make any sense you've gotta watch this one first.

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LOL! =(^.^)=

this movei was really nice and cute, i enjoyed it real much and the funnyest thing was when i noticed it was looping, i watched it over 100 times waiting for an ending XD


this film is soooooooooooo cute ;)


nice but it hade 2 go, over and over and aand replay over it's self agen and agen and agen!!
but out of all that i liked it!!!

Boojamon responds:

But the million dollar question is- how many times did you watch it before you realised it was looping?

...Where 2 start

Well, I liked it alot. The faces and all. I use (^.^) the most.... It's 'cause I don't have many other favs. Anyway, There was no violence, which is good 'cause it wasn't needed, the humor was ok, Grapics was cool also..

I hope to see a sequel (^.^)


Boojamon responds:

lol thanks!
Violence can just become too much in this uhm...world...with....violenc e. (^_^)

Much ta for the review!


I have probably used most of those faces at least once


Boojamon responds:

(^_^; ) Oh the shame of it all lol.