Fizzy war fare DEMO 2

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Author Comments

DEMO Version V 3.1

Watch out for the full version comming within the next few weeks...

if there are any bugs, please post, this is a working development.

Music is from various sources, the western themes are from www.soundsofmagic.com, sound effects from http://www.a1freesoundef

Full version will include, min of 5 soft/fizzy drinks, racing stages, and "completely naked fizzy drink can's !!!"

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Nice job on this one good introduction and had a solid challenge value


well it was ok, but I don't know what all of you are talking about. I beat the boss in about 2 seconds on my first try.


Wow, very cool introduction you have with the fizzing cola and all. But the gameplay was pretty lame. THe boss part was just way too hard and maybe impossible. I kept clicking on the Mt. Dew and my life went down rapidly while I desperately slammed the spacebar. The graphics and animation are really nice though. Work on the gameplay. Nice try.

speile responds:

the boss is not impossible, the fact remains that the can of RADIOACTIVE mountain dew is radioactive thus touching it will cause you to recieve damage, there is only one way to defeat the boss, im sorry, that you didnt find it... btw the boss regains life every so often...

Defeation hint; look for the radiation blasts, and the bales of hay can be shot to give you an added boost of life


this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen

speile responds:

trust me, the storyline, and animations get a lot stupider, including "live nude coca-cola cans"

finish it

fast!!! need more

speile responds:

sorry, im still working out the coding for the game as i go along. I can tell you, the next level features more interactivity, shooting, and driving at the same time, and animations to bring the story together, say good by to those awful breifing screens... the full version will also allow you to skip the training if you wish.

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2004
1:42 PM EDT
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