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Sadam's Place

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sadam blows up a small country in africa then goes into hiding. some one has stolen all of his toys that were in his base. five years pass and we find him stickin shit in his ass.

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great animation had me shitting bricks I got so scared its wway to realistic

A nice Saddam Hussein parody from before he was captured. Improve the animation, graphics and humor. I was waiting for a strong finish , but it just ended.

A parody about Saddam Hussein. The art is average. Could be better but it could also be a lot worse. The sound is average too, with no music and a crackily-recorded voice. The plot started off interesting and I wanted to see what happened next, but then it fell flat on its face with a stupid joke. Good idea gone to waste.

the voices were fun
and the drawing of sadam was quite good
just a silly little flash

Dead motherfucker

Sadam Husein is nothing more than a dildo loving terrorist faggot shoving shit up his ass.