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This is not an RWS product, nor is it related to the game POSTAL by RWS, Inc.

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Not really my thing, but gave me a chuckle.


Newgrounds history man.

i lik part where thw die happns

This is a pretty epic game. I love the crude humor and the ghastly screams. it reminded me about a creepy pasta a wrote once. I was walking through me school hallway as you do smoking my ciggz and flipping my cool smartest phone around as i where my little hat. i went into the boys bathroom to play Magic the Gathering as you do however as i walked in i saw a man leaving the stall, he had blood red eyes that were also oozing blood and has sharp spindly fingers. I screamed and dropped my funny little MTG cards and ran out of the restroom and he followed suit. He chased after me, screeching a fowl screech like nail on concrete as they scrape blood of of it. i summoned my stand, Pins and Needles and fucking punched the creature in the jaw. It stumbled backward and cackled a wild and weird cackle and slashed at my leg. i screamed in pain as blood spurted from the deep wound, the creature slashed at me once again at me chest. finally in one big swoop i jumped at the creature and started plumbing it to death over and over and over the pane was excruciating but the adrenaline kept me from felling any at the moment, over and over i kept at it punching the creature with Pins and Needles, this went on for 7 pages and then i delivered the final finishing punch and killed the creature in an explosion of blood that sent its crippled dead body flying across the hall. finally it was over, i re-adjusted my funny little hat and want on with my day looking cool and epic.

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3.42 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2000
1:31 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail