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YAAFM 9: Michael Moore

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PLEASE READ!: For my note to all negative replies and UNJUST ZERO SCORES... please check out http://www.zipperfish.com/free/yaafm9-note.html OK... now that that's out of the way... YAAFM's triumphant return features Michael Moore. Yes, ALL the quotes are real. More animation in this one. Hope you enjoy.

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I can see why this has the lowest rating. At least, I think it does. Many people like Michael Moore. I mean, you yourself criticized George W. Bush before. Well, I guess we can just hate everyone. I'd like to see other people here.

What about Bill Maher? He's criticized America just as much if not more than Michael Moore. Of course, this is dated now. At least Moore is still alive. Pity there were no reviews for five years.

Is their no #10 in this series I have liked all of the installments so far but why no more?


"Check and mate, motherfucker!".
Brilliant, I love these all. Please make more of these again man you're the reason I became a fan of this site in the 1st place

This was great

Micheal Moore is nothing but a fat ass scum bag. He complains about everything. Yet does nothing to help it.

Here are some ideas for new episodes:

Disney whores
Stupid Goverment Libs.
Teeny Bopper Artists