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Sound Trial Submission

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I made this for a compilation, but the guy who set it up canceled it. Made it in about 7 hours. The deal was to make a 15 second long Flash based on 7 sound effects he gave us. I was the only person who made one, so I might as well post it here since the whole thing is off.




Real boring. But I think there is something i am missing?

Bobbaganoosh responds:

Probably not. It would have been more interesting with the other submissions, but TinCetic called it off.

Should have scored higher.

A good animation to fit the criteria you worked well with what you and,seince you were the only paticipant in the compatition that means !you won!
Well done i hope to see more from you?
overall a respectable 6/10

Bobbaganoosh responds:

Heheh, thanks. Never thought of it that way...

not bad!

now this was a pretty cool submission, considering the restrainments!
the use of the 7 sound effects was really good. instead of making a movie where you know you're just animating the sounds, you made a movie where the sound effects actually go with the movie itself, and thats really important when making something like this.
so a nice job dude. good graphics + animation, nice sound effects ofcourse. nice work.
overall score: 6/10

Bobbaganoosh responds:

Thanks for the helpful review!

Not Bad

I think you did quite a good job with it. You obviously weren't given a huge selection of sounds to work with, and the story fitted in quite well with the sounds. I do enjoy your drawing style, and running it in high frame rate, makes it look that much smoother. Top Job.

Bobbaganoosh responds:

Thanks! I did feel I rushed it towards the end though.

too bad

Hmm.. the animation was nice and I sure liked the drawings. I'm not sure about the sound wav though, maybe that's why it didn't get taken in. It's just some boring sounds.. splat, crunch, etc... Didn't have any rhythym or anything.. Nice try

Bobbaganoosh responds:

Yeah, I couldn't find any decent music. I was thinking about maybe using Sound Forge to chop up a Boards of Canada or a Mouse on Mars on low volume in the background, but It wouldn't really go with the Flash.

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2.58 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2004
11:02 PM EDT
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